KHMERICAN: noun; a person or organization striving to improve the quality and well-being of Khmer America.

was created to serve the people and organizations interested in the state of Khmer America. Our commitment is to provide an online platform that encourages public engagement, discussion and connection of Khmer communities across the US and abroad. To fulfill this commitment, we publish original content and provide resources on and about Khmer America.

We understand that news and information about Khmer America are scattered in many venues, confined to a few individuals, organizations and institutions. KHMERICAN’s goal is to mobilize these information gatekeepers and tap the power of community members to work collectively as informants and contributors. By forging these relations, we hope KHMERICAN becomes the online hub where visitors can follow the progress of the changing landscape of this emerging diaspora.

Learn more by reading our press release here (English) and here (Khmer).

Khmerican Team


    • PHATRY DEREK PAN CEO and Co-Founder

      Phatry has been engaged with the Khmer community in various leadership roles since 1998. Beyond activism, Phatry is a techie and social media geek. He is currently based in Seattle, Washington.


    • SOPHATH OUN Co-Founder and Web Developer

      A full-time web developer for San Diego firm, Ezami, Sophath brings over three years experience in web design and programming to Khmerican. Outside work, Sophath is passionate about music production. He is currently based in Vancouver, Washington.


    • ERIC CHUK Content Manager and Editor

      A wordsmith, Eric provides revisions and quotations to acquaintances and nonprofits while researching his dissertation about metadata. Eclectic Los Angeles is his adopted hometown. When he should be doing something more important, he reads fantasy adventure novels.


    • DIANA PEREDA Director of Business Development

      Diana was raised in Texas and now studies entrepreneurship and developmental economics at the University of Southern California. She was interested in pursuing a career in business from an early age and plans to start her own business one day.


    • BUNTHAY CHEAM Director of Staff Development

      An aspiring world traveler, Bunthay is an alumnus of the University of Washington. He currently spends most days as a style consultant at Nordstrom and enjoys discovering new stories and films that may be less discernible to the unaware mind.


    • CHAD SAMMETH Director of Community Development

      An advocate and organizer for the Cambodian community since 2005, Chad has held advised and directed a number of Long Beach initiatives, ranging from health, business, and arts. He is also creator and host of “On the Kateil,” a series of video interviews with interesting Cambodian American personalities.


    • SOPHIN ZOE PRUONG-McCREERY Writer/Photographer

      Sophin Zoe is a writer, artist, musician and community advocate in Santa Ana, California. She has held leading roles in various local organizations that promote Khmer culture. She is especially active in the Orange County community and edits a blog celebrating Cambodian American women.


    • LIDI CHEA Photographer

      As a photographer, Lidi seeks to convey the emotions of those she portrays, potentially even changing the perception of Cambodian Americans. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, she is interested in stories that are usually neglected in the context of our community, such as those involving gender/sexuality.


    • TIFFANY POR Community Liaison

      Tiffany outreaches to groups in Southern California’s Inland Empire and has represented Khmerican at student functions. Currently attending UC Riverside with hopes of going on to medical school, she also enjoys singing.


    • Freelancers

    • WILL KOENIG Contributing Editor

      Will is a contributing editor who dabbles in podcasting, videos, humor and board games. He lived in Cambodia, where he met his wife, for three years and worked for development agencies, universities and several publications—some of them reputable.


    • MALISSA TEM Writer/Photographer

      A natural storyteller, Malissa enjoys finding stories that come across through the written word and photography. She is studying literary journalism and Asian American studies at UC Irvine. She is based in the greater Los Angeles area.


For General Inquiries:
Phatry Derek Pan, Co-Founder
206 5999444