The story behind one Cambodian American's tattoo of his parents

by Shawn Chan

In the 1960s, my father was a young playboy in his late 20s from the city who loved riding his motorcycle down the unpaved backroads of the Cambodian countryside. It was there that he saw and fell in love with a young farmer’s daughter. After introducing himself to her parents as the son of a well-to-do family, he asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Only a few weeks of meeting, they were married in an elaborate wedding at her father’s farm. A cow was butchered; pigs and ducks were roasted. All the customary Khmer wedding dishes were prepared to feed the neighboring villagers in attendance. There was singing and dancing till dawn. Sinn Seasimouth’s music serenaded them. It was a wedding to remember.

Happiness seemed to be in their destiny, but just 10 years after the photo was taken, with 3 kids and a newborn on the way (me), their beloved country of Cambodia was taken over by Pol Pot’s regime, and the citizens were forced into makeshift concentration camps (known today as the Killing Fields). Millions died. I came into the world in the midst of bloodshed, bombs, guns, killings, malaria, starvation, and death. So weak at birth that I was thought to be a stillborn. It wasn’t until they heard my faint cries that I was not declared dead on arrival and discarded as human waste, as many babies born that summer of 1975.

The horrors that my family endured in the years spent in the Killing Fields are unspeakable. My father survived the beatings, the torture and starvation to help our family escape to Thailand. He saved us all from certain death, only to pass away before he could enjoy the freedoms that our new country (America) had to offer.

The tattoo is a portrait not only to honor my father but to remind me of a time that history forgot: two lovers celebrating their matrimony, with only thoughts of hope and happiness as they looked into their future together in Cambodia. Little did they know that fate would have a different life for them. I am here to tell their story, and the stories of those from their generation. To honor the millions who lay in nameless graves along the Cambodian countryside. 

We (the children of the Killing Fields) should never forget the sacrifices our parents made. The life and country they were force to leave behind. If we do not teach our kids what it means to have Khmer DNA, so they can teach their kids, then our culture, our history will be lost forever. I will not allow that to happen, as long as I am able to speak, read and write. I will not allow our story to be told by someone else. It is their love that made me, and it is my love for them that cannot let me forget what they have been through.

This is what the tattoo means and why it is important to me.

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By Phatry Derek Pan

1) How many times were you sponsored to go to Cambodia in 2012? Specify month and circumstances.
We were sponsored 3 times to go to Cambodia. In February 2011, we went on our very first tour to Cambodia and performed 6 shows in Phnom Penh and Siem Riep. Then later in May of 2012 we were sponsored to go back and shoot more music videos in Cambodia and begin a real Cambodian campaign in partnership with Cellcard and CTN. And finally once more in September we went back to do a mini-concert and meet and greet with our fans in Cambodia. 

2) Why do you think Cambodia invested in The Like Me’s as oppose to other oversea Khmer artists? 

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